Let's make a present together!


The museum Picture House is now open

       The Grand Palace:300 th

Court Entertainment


On Saturday The Grand Palace is open until 9 pm


"Посвящение гению".
Праздник фонтанов 2014
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Let's make a present together!
The Peterhof State Museum-Reserve announces fund raising for restoration of the porcelain fireplace in the Grand Peterhof Palace
25.12.2014 - 18.10.2015
Horns and Hoofs
The Farm
29.01.2015 - 13.07.2015
"All their life should be devoted to serving Russia..."
The Benois Family Museum
10.04.2015 - 3.07.2015
“Peterhof – the Sea Capital of the Emperors”
The Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad
21.05.2015 - 24.08.2015
The Royal Court of King Sun
The Benois Family Museum
4.06.2015 - 30.09.2015
Ode to Motion
The Benois Family Museum
14.07.2015 - 10.10.2015
The Return
The Ball Room, Grand Palace